Identically Different at Le Voyage a Nantes

My series Identically Different is currently on display at Festival Le Voyage à Nantes, where it is on display from June 30th to August 26th 2018.

Along with 4 other photographers who also exhibited at Festival Circulations, I was selected to exhibited at La Cale 2 Créateurs during the summer festival Le Voyage à Nantes in Nantes, France. 

The festival is there until August 26th.

More information about the festival:

Identically Different on display at Festival Le Voyage à Nantes

Thrilled to announce that in addition to and in partnership with Festival Circulations, my series Identically Different is also going to be on display at Festival Le Voyage à Nantes this summer!

With an entirely different layout and new photo’s, the series will be on display from 30 June till 26 August 2018 in Nantes, France. 

More information about the Festival:

Nominated for ‘Prix du public’ Festival Circulations 2018

Such an honor! Nominated for the ‘prix du public’ of Festival Circulation(s) 2018!

For the third year in a row, the Circulation(s) festival has organized the Public Prize. The winner of this year has been rewarded for his series thanks to the public who were asked to vote on the ballot given at the entrance.

The 2018 Public Prize goes to … Guillaume Hebert for his series Updated Landscapes.

The finalists:

Among the 50 artists of the 2018 edition, … were the finalists of the Public Prize:

Guillaume Hebert (1st)

Judith Helmer and Arthur Crestani (2nd exæquo )

Billie Thomassin (3rd)

Emmanuel Tussore (4th).

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