The phenomenon of identical people who originate and have grown from a single cell is fascinating. This story is about an identical twin, born on 20 July 1996. They are 'mono-mono' twins, not only sharing the womb but also one amniotic sac and a single placenta. Two people cannot be more identical than that. 

While others always treated them as 'one'; they knew from a young age all too well how different they were. After a process of years one of them made the profound decision to follow his long-felt, true identity… Laura became Laurens. This choice led to both Laurens and Yentl having to discover who they really are, as an individual and as twins. I followed them through the process of self-discovery and claim for identity. 

The project is still ongoing and I will continue documenting their lives. The photos on this website are only a small selection of the series. 

The youth picture that is part of the series is sole property of the family of Laurens and Yentl.

© Judith Helmer | All rights reserved
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